“I think the reward of you is worth the risk.”


She’s always played it safe…

College junior Lucy Washington abides by one rule—avoid risk at all costs. She’s cautious in every aspect of her life, from her health, to her mock trial team, to the boring guys she dates. When a brash, gorgeous jock walks into the campus coffee shop and turns his flirt on, Lucy is stunned by the force of attraction. For the first time ever, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone, but can she really trust the guy who’s determined to sweep her off her feet?

He’s always played around…

Entering his last year of college eligibility, linebacker Matthew “Matty” Iverson has the team captaincy in his sights. And it’s his for the taking, if he can convince his quarterback Ace Anderson to give up the starting position. Luckily, Matty already has an edge—the hottie he’s lusting over just happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend. Getting Lucy on his side and in his bed? Hell yeah. Matty is more than confident he can have both, but when he falls hard for Lucy, it’s time for a new game plan: convince the woman of his dreams that she’s not sleeping with the enemy.

So remember in my review for Sacked I mentioned that the reason I read that one was because my friend wanted me to get to a certain book in this series? Well, ladies and gents, this is that book. It’s funny because she wouldn’t actually tell me anything about this book other than that one snippet she’d sent me so I had a fun time guessing who’s book this would be. At first I thought it would be Hammer, which kinda worried me, but when I figured out it was Matty it was like an epiphany and I basically screamed. I was so happy this was Matty’s book and honestly that’s what this book did; it made me happy. There were so many great elements to this book, a lot that I don’t usually see in NA, and I felt like it was the first time in a while that a NA book didn’t disappoint me. I loved the story and I think that every place this book went was important for everyone’s development. Shout out to my friend for making me want to fall in love with Matty, I greatly appreciate it. That extra 1/2 star is just for him.


  • Hands down, the best thing about this book is the relationship between Matty and Lucy. I loved that initially they seem to be your typical opposites attract but as they get to know each other more and dive deeper into their relationship, you come to see that they actually have a lot of similarities. They’re not perfect mirrors similarities, but they were able to see themselves in the other and I liked that. I really enjoyed how they first met in the coffee house and how cute that was, how Matty never expected Lucy to do anything for him, and how he did things with her because he wanted to. Them eventually getting together was great but the best thing about their relationship is that they talked to each other and there was such an emphasis on communication. There was a moment in the story where Lucy discovered Matty’s friends complied a file about her, which they hoped Matty would use to persuade her to convince Ace of something, and this is usually the part where the relationship implodes and it’s like drama city. But instead of letting Lucy dump him and storm out, Matty talked to her. He told her everything from where the file came from to how he never intended to use it and built upon the trust they had together. It made me so happy that he not only fixed the situation but that we didn’t endure all the miscommunication nonsense. I think it showed how much Matty cares about Lucy and how he doesn’t want to screw up what they have. We need more couples that communicate with each other in NA and Matty and Lucy are a great example of what to do.
  • I loved the way Jen Frederick wrote Matty. I’m not just saying that because he’s basically my type and the reason I got into this series, even though it’s half the reason why I love it. While he’s not the different kind of NA hero that Knox was, he just felt inherently good to me. I mentioned this in my COTW a couple days ago, but you can see how good he is by the way he cares for Lucy; how he immediately called his mom, who’s a doctor, about tips for what a diabetic can eat, how he gets things for her that she can enjoy without worrying about her levels, and constantly makes sure she’s comfortable and stable. He also cares about his team and wants nothing more than for them to be one, united front. It shows a lot about his character when he didn’t want to convince Ace to change positions because it wasn’t the right thing to do, regardless of the fact that his coach told him to do it. He might not have wanted to be a captain but he’s built for it. Matty might come off as being crude and a man-slut but honestly there’s so much goodness underneath and it’s something he’s not ashamed of. There’s also a scene near the end of the book where he takes responsibility for his actions and understands that even though what he did wasn’t in his control or entirely his fault, it wasn’t right. I love that quality about him. He’s good, kind, caring, and bad in all the important ways. I want my own Matty, ok? He’s just so good.
  • I felt like Lucy’s character was important in so many ways. Not just because she’s an example of people who are risk assessment oriented, like my friend for example, but because she’s a diabetic. This is something that I’ve never seen represented in books myself and I know it’s something that diabetics want to see be represented properly and not just as the butt of a joke. I think she brought a lot of realness and understanding to diabetes in general and you also get to see how easy it is to accommodate and care for someone who has diabetes. I loved that her friends knew her limits and how to keep her on track, whether it’s with her food or her daily exercise, and they never let her do this alone. And Matty, as I said, he immediately took it upon himself to make sure she was as comfortable as she needed to be around him and ensured that there was always something for her to have when she stayed with him. Hell, he even ensured their sex didn’t affect her levels. I feel like Lucy’s character helped to normalize the idea of being a diabetic in this world and she showed that she’s more than her diabetes. She’s smart, funny, confident, and sexy.


  • The only thing that bothered me about this book was Ace’s character. It’s not that he’s a jerk or an asshole or whatever else you want to call him, but it’s the fact that he treats Lucy, his best friend, the way he treats other girls but still expects her to love him. He literally keeps her as his safety net for when he’s ready to settle down and goes as far as attempting to sabotage her relationship with Matty. That does not sit well with me at all. He never went as far as ruining this entire book for me but his scenes brought my spirit down a bit.


  • There are so many important elements in this book and that readers can get out of it as well and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it. Do it for Lucy and Matty both individually and together. Their story is one that I think everyone should read.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF


Title: Jockblocked (Gridiron #2)
Author: Jen Frederick
Release Date: February 11, 2016
Pages: 365 (eBook)

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