Hello friends and happy Friday! I’m so glad the week is over and it’s finally the weekend and I can sleep all weekend. And read too, of course. But it appears to be Daylight Savings on Sunday so we lose an hour of sleep and honestly, I’m not about that. That hour is precious to my sleep cycle. How dare you, universe. But anyways, let’s stop dwelling on that madness and get to the oh-so-fun weekly lovefest! I always have so many characters floating around in my head that it’s really hard to just pick one. But since yesterday was International Women’s Day, I wanted to make this week’s COTW really special, and I think I have just the thing.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

All The Ladies!!


Uh, well, I can’t answer that, can I? I honestly just did that title for continuity sake. Ha. But like I said, in honour of International Women’s Day, instead of picking just one lovely lady, I wanted to pick all of them! I thought today would be the perfect day to give special shout outs to all the amazing strong women we come across all throughout literature, whether it’s YA, NA, or just plain old Adult Lit. Whether she’s strong because she knows how to kill a man 10 different ways or strong because she’s picked herself back up after falling to pieces, or strong because she’s assertive in every aspect life or strong because she’s a good mother and wife, it doesn’t matter to me how they are seen as strong women because ALL women are strong women. So many of these ladies inspire me to do better and want to be even a fraction of the woman that they are and I love that I have such amazing ladies to look up to. Be sure to let me know who all of your favourite ladies are! Just like the Spice Girls taught me, I’m all about that girl power.


  • Mackenzie Bishop
  • Scarlet Benoit
  • Penryn Young
  • Laia of Serra
  • Katy Schwartz
  • Nina Zenik
  • Inej Ghafa
  • Violet Lasting
  • Clara Stole
  • Kestrel Trajan


  • Lily Calloway
  • Allie Hayes
  • Hannah Wells
  • Ara Martin
  • Teresa Hamilton
  • Sophie Darling
  • Juliet Carter
  • Kate Brooks
  • Lucy Hutton
  • Gina Wylde

Until next time,


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