Hello friends and happy Tuesday! Is everyone coping with the time change yet? Because I’m definitely not. It’s like I have sleepiness on sleepiness and personally I’m not a fan. It’s quite possible that my lack of sleep has spurred the Top Five for today, one that more or less requires me to be bitter as hell but it’s all good. I love being bitter. I’ve said this a couple times before, but I’ve always believed in finishing what you’ve started… wise, at least. If I decide to start a series, regardless of how far into the series we actually are, I always see myself finishing it. It takes a lot for me to drop a series and I always have some kind of justified reason, whether it’s based on the plot or the story; something concrete to make me not want to continue reading anymore. There’s nothing I hate more than dropping a series so believe me when I say that I dropped these series for a VERY good reason.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Series I Dropped!


Expect to see this name again because I quickly learned that I do not like SJM at all. I really don’t. Obviously, this is a very overhyped series and I personally don’t think it’s as good as people want you to think. The plot is beyond messy, love interests for the protagonist come in and out like a revolving door, and the multiple and sometimes unnecessary POVs are overkill. It’s kinda sad because the first two books were pretty decent, but the third one completely lost me. Once I figured out how much SJM liked using the word “mate” and the overall concept, I tapped out. That, and she did more or less tossed Dorian aside like a used napkin when he deserved the world. I’m not sad to say I dropped this series because it was not good.


This series actually started off so promising for me! The first book was so plot twisty and exciting and the second was a super stellar sequel. But maybe around the end of the third book, possibly the beginning of the fourth, I started losing that excited feeling. The writing was repetitive and eventually there were way too many plot lines to keep up with, never mind who was hating who and who wanted to kiss who. And by the fifth book I couldn’t take it anymore. I was basically only reading the series for a couple characters but even they couldn’t make me stay. I feel like this series lost a lot of its worth over the course of the 5 books I read. It sucks dropping it with one book to go but I would never put myself through reading that one. I just stopped caring about that mess.


I quickly dropped this series after reading the first book because it was not what I expected from K&B at all and honestly, nothing makes me happier than not having this mess of a series in my life. I quickly learned that this series was beyond disaster status and K&B don’t really have any idea what they’re doing. I know that sounds mean, but it’s true. They don’t know how to write original characters, or storylines for that matter, and their version of reality is so warped I don’t even know where to begin. And then there’s the oversexualization of literally everything but I don’t want to get into that. My friends have kept me updated on the goings on of the rest of the series and it’s laughable. If anything, Like Us has made me see K&B in a new light, negative as it might be, and it’s very eye opening.


Yeah…..I really don’t like SJM. And the funny thing is I actually enjoyed the ACOTAR! I liked majority of the story and thought Tamlin was a cutie but then I heard what SJM was gonna do with the rest of the story and shift the focus and love interest more towards Rhysand, who I hate more than anything, and I had to get out of there as fast as I could. Honestly, it just shows how finicky SJM is as a writer and the fact that she has to change one character completely to make another one look better is not a good look. And again, the hyper fixation on the whole “mate” thing is too much. For me, she’s not a good writer and the further away I am from her books, the better.


Ok, this doesn’t 100% count because on one hand, I finished all three books, mostly because I was naive back then and pretended not to hate Warner but wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to Adam (other than the death of his characterization). But then there was an announcement that there’d be three more books in this series and I immediately knew I was out. I like to describe this series as starting off with a stellar idea and writing, losing that idea midway, and essentially becoming shit posting. And while I said this for SJM just above, Mafi did the exact same thing and destroyed Adam’s characterization to make the other one look like the better choice or option when it could’ve been done in so many other ways. I didn’t enjoy the overall plot in the end and the protagonist became relatively annoying so I don’t miss this series at all.

Well, those are my top dropped series! I don’t drop too many so don’t expect to see more of this kind of list.

Until next time,


What series did you end up dropping? Leave a comment below!


    1. books, trust, & pixie dust says:

      The best advice I have is to try the next book and see how you feel after that. If you like it, great, keep going! If not, then that’s ok. Never hurts to try 😉

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