Hello friends and happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good day today. Oh, and Happy early St. Patrick’s Day and to those choosing to celebrate extra hard, I hope you’re all careful this weekend. Anyways, we’re at the end of another week which means it’s time for yet another COTW. As always, there are a couple floating around in my mind but the one I’ve settled on today is actually one I’m surprised I’ve put off for this long. It’s one that I met relatively recently, in the last half year anyways, and I became pretty attached to them. Since they come from a series with such strong and amazing characters it’s hard to pick a favourite but this character is mine for sure.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Queen Arsione!


If you don’t know, Queen Arsione is one of the main characters from Kendare Blake’s YA series, Three Dark Crowns, which is so amazing and addictive and I highly recommend it. Essentially, the premise is that these three girls, triplets actually, are supposed to battle each other for the crown and only one of them can survive, meaning that two of them must die in order for the last one to take the crown. Sounds super dark, doesn’t it? And if you guessed it, Arsinoe is one of those triplets. Each triplet represents one “side” of Fennbirn: poisoner, naturalist, or elemental. My girl Arsinoe here is a naturalist (*whispers* or is she???) which means that she is able to connect with animals and have one as her familiar. While she may or may not be able to do that (*cough* she can’t *cough*), there’s so much more to Arsinoe than whatever her gift may be. She has a bit of a wild, tomboyish streak to her and hardly cares what others think of her. She cuts her hair the way she likes, dresses the way she likes, and as long as it makes her happy then why should anything else matter. But what I think is most interesting about Arsinoe is how she never lets herself get defeated. She does everything she can to prove she’s a naturalist even though it’s highly unlikely, she doesn’t let either of her sisters intimidate her, and she constantly gets back up after being knocked down. She’s also unbelievably clever and deceitful and it’s one of the reasons I’m backing her as queen, even though she doesn’t want it anymore. She’d rather stand with her sisters than fight them for the crown and I truly respect her for that. Arsinoe is strong in so many ways but I think it’s the love she has for her sisters that brings out the best of her strength.


  • She is the middle sister of Mirabella and Katharine
  • Her birthday is December 21
  • She has a bear named Braddock that she passes off as her familiar
  • She lives with the Milone family
  • Her best friend is Jules Milone
  • She has short black hair
  • She has a scar on the right side of her face
  • She is also known as the Bear Queen
  • She’s in love with a boy named Billy Chatworth
  • She’s actually a poisoner


  • “I don’t think it is strange at all. Don’t you see? It has to be one of us. It has to be her. My whole life I have heard that it has to be her. That I have to die, so that she can lead. That I do not matter, because she’s here.”
  • [about Arisone] “Arsinoe hides everything behind the same easygoing smirk.”
  • [“Are we little boys now? Comparing scabs?”] “If we were, I would win.”
  • [about Arisone] “The cuts stretch open. The salt from her tears burns. It is a lucky thing that she never cared about what she looked like.”

Until next time,


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