Hello friends and happy Tuesday! And happy first day of Spring as well! Though you’d never think it was Spring given the fact that it’s still pretty cold here and not Spring-like at all. Sigh. Anyways, for today’s Top Five I thought it’d be fun to talk about some of my favourite places to read my books. It’s funny, isn’t it? I constantly talk about what I read but never where I read, which I think is a pretty important factor to the whole reading process. I feel like I’m one of those kinds of people that can read anywhere so some of my choices might be a tad strange.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Places To Read!


Ok I’m fairly certain that everyone loves to read in their room because their room is like their small sanctuary, right? It’s just nice to be in my own space, surrounded by all my things, and just read all my troubles away. The only downside to reading in my room is that my TBR pile is just constantly mocking me.


While I think that the living room has a more ideal set up for reading, the family room is the better place to read for me. I like having the TV on and playing in the background as I sit in my little corner on the couch with a couple blankets as I read. Or sometimes I’ll have my computer playing music but it’s always in reach in the family room. It’s a good spot.


I haven’t been on the subway since I graduated from university last year, but taking the subway downtown was a daily occurrence for me and it was prime reading time. First of all, it prevented any weirdos from talking to you because you looked busy, but it was a really good way to pass the time and made that 40 minute ride go a lot faster. Ironically, standing by the doors and leaning on the glass panel was one of my favourite places to read on the subway; not sure why but I loved it.


Again, I haven’t taken the bus in about a year but it’s similar to reading in the car. I’m one of those people that can absolutely read in a moving vehicle and like the subway, it makes time go by a lot faster. It’s not overly ideal when it’s winter and you’re wearing a big puffy coat, but driving to a relative’s house to going downtown for some kind of event, or even a road trip, goes by a lot faster when you’ve got a good book.


Ok, I don’t read WHILE I’m working, but I love reading during my breaks or my lunch. I could probably argue that neither are long enough and it’s sucky when I get to a really good part in my book and have to stop to go back to work, but it’s something I always do.

Well, those are my favourite places to read! They’re not overly abnormal, but I guess some of them can come off that way.

Until next time,


Where’s your favourite place to read? Leave a comment below!

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