Hello friends and happy Friday! Anyone else excited that it’s finally the weekend? Man, I love weekends. So as I decided on who my COTW was for today, I’m not gonna lie to you all but there was a small little manic laugh that had escaped. Usually it’s more of an excited giggle but this one was a full on manic laugh. I’m not even sure why this character brought that reaction out of me but it could be a “I can’t believe I haven’t picked this character yet” kind of manic laugh. There’s really no good explanation but I can definitely explain why I love this character and why they’re so great. This is a character that you definitely need in your life.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Gabriel Scott!


If you don’t know, Gabriel Scott is a character from Kristen Callihan’s amazing NA series, VIP, and is the main focus of the second book, Managed. In my opinion, Gabriel is a bit of a complex and absolutely multi-layered character and once you peel back the layers and dig deep into who he is, you fall more and more in love with him. Upon first meeting, Gabriel can come off as being super rude and arrogant, essentially an asshole, but this is all just a front because he’s actually super shy and doesn’t really know how to talk to people. So relatable, isn’t it? He wears this kind of mask mostly to protect himself and his own heart because he has the worst trust issues but also to protect those he cares about as well. But honestly, Gabriel’s biggest fear is that if he lets people in then someone would eventually get hurt and they might leave him. I get this so much, you have no idea. But a lot of Gabriel’s fear has to do with the fact that most people would rather use him for his body and tend not to be able to stand him for his personality and it makes me really sad. He deserves the world. It’s so interesting to be in his mind and see what he’s thinking and you realize that more than anything, Gabriel Scott is a giant, soft nerd. He might be the nerdiest person I’ve ever met and has out-nerded me in ways I never could’ve imagined. But I think the best thing of all was seeing Gabriel fall in love, probably for the first time, with Sophie and how she taught him how important it is to let people into your life. He might come off as being this big bad manager and super smart business man but at the end of the day, Gabriel Scott must be protected at all costs. Always.


  • His nickname is Scottie, after the Star Trek character, but also Sunshine, thanks to Sophie
  • He’s originally from England
  • He has beautiful blue eyes and dark hair
  • He loves sci-fi and owns every season of Star Trek, hence the nickname
  • He’s a giant nerd
  • He has multiple homes all over the world but his London home is his favourite
  • He manages the band Kill John
  • He hates flying
  • He has his own tour bus
  • He loves bread pudding
  • He speaks many languages
  • He’s the Mom Friend™️
  • He fights to let off stress and steam
  • He loves Sophie Darling


  • “You are my greatest weakness because I have no defense when it comes to you.”
  • “I’ve lived my whole life denying myself what I truly want. And yet I cannot turn from you. Haven’t you realized it yet? I am yours. I will always be yours, whether I touch you or not.”
  • “One more word and I’ll have you all doing a music video with synchronized dancing faster than you can say Backstreet Boys.”
  • “It is an odd thing to discover I’m lonely, despite never truly being alone. But I am. I want someone to know the real me, not the shiny shell I show the world.”
  • “I am a cold man. Any happiness or warmth I’ve felt died when Jax tried to take his life. Until you. You are my warmth.”

Until next time,


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