Hello friends and happy Friday! It’s finally the weekend and we can all just relax and sleep and read and be happy. As you all know, this month I’m doing something special to celebrate one of my favourite authors, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and attempt to read all of her books, entitled Armentrout April. So, in keeping with the theme, my COTW today is going to be someone from one of her books. I’ve decided to cheat a little bit today because I’ve done this particular character before but it was after I’d read the first book of this series and I didn’t know the character that well yet, but I knew they were awesome and I loved them. Now that I’ve read all of that series, I’m revisiting that character to give them even more love than before.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Katy Swartz!


If you don’t know, or never read my previous post about Katy, she is the main female protagonist in Armentrout’s YA series, Lux, which is basically about aliens. It kinda sounds weird but it’s fantastic. Anyways, what made me love Katy so much was how similar she was to me because she loved history and reading and even had her own book blog, but it was her strength and determination and overall resilience that solidified my love for her. There were so many times where Katy could have given up over the course of her journey but she didn’t. She never gave up on herself nor did she give up on Daemon. While she did change from being ordinary to more of an alien hybrid, thanks to how Daemon used his powers to heal her and transferred a lot of his power to her, she never changed who she was deep down. Sure, she became a stronger person and wasn’t the same girl I met in Obsidian, but she still had all those traits that I loved upon first meeting. She still loves her books and doesn’t take any crap from boys, which I admire so much. No one has ever pushed Katy around and no one ever will. And I loved that even though she got all these powers she never became the saviour to the alien race. She used those powers to her advantage and learned how to protect herself and her loved ones and helped the Luxen save their people. I love how Armentrout can create such amazing female characters like Katy and I hope she never stops.


  • She likes gardening and finds it to be calming
  • She loves pop tarts and orange juice
  • She blushes when she lies, according to Daemon
  • She becomes an alien-human hybrid after being healed by Daemon
  • She marries Daemon in Vegas
  • She never gives up on her book blog
  • She constantly has witty comebacks


  • “Sigh. Books. I missed them”
  • “I am not yours. [“Shush it.”] “How about I shush it right up you—“
  • “He was such an asshole, and I loved him.”
  • “All right, the alien testosterone right now is a little too much, and I really don’t want to have an alien brawl in my house on top of the broken window and the dead body that came through it. But if you two don’t knock it off, I’ll kick both of your asses.”
  • “And I’m in the process of getting ready to cut out your heart, bitch”
  • “…What about my life? My blog?” Okay, my blog was seriously the least of my worries, but dammit, it was important to me.”

Until next time,


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