Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Which is a real problem when the attraction runs red-hot.

Ice-cream store owner Raelynn Fortune has everything but her last name—fortune.

Despite living in a Floridian hotspot for tourists, she just can’t get her business back off the ground. And she knows why.

Her rival store next door is run by nobody other than her ex, and with his fancy-schmancy concoctions, he’s taking all the clients two generations of her family cultivated. Never mind that Raelynn taught him all he knows, and his revenge for her breaking up with him was putting her plans into reality—and her almost out of business.

But, she has a plan. The height of the season is just two weeks away, and she’s tired of playing second fiddle to her ex. She’s going to take back her crown as the queen of ice cream, even if it means getting close to Chase once again.

After all, all is fair in love and war, and you know what they say about keeping your enemies close…

Although maybe Chase is a little too close…

I’d only read one Emma Hart book prior to this one and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to pick up another book by her, and luckily her latest release wasn’t too far away. This book sounded like it would be that classic enemies to lovers with a nice dash of second chance romance, which it had a nice balance of, but overall it didn’t satisfy me the way I anticipated it. The story was well done, I won’t lie about that, but I just wish there was more. There were some good elements about this book, some bad elements, but in the end it served to be a nice read.


  • Can we talk about this cover? My god, this is one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful covers I’ve ever seen for a NA book. I am constantly complaining about the same old generic covers that NA books seem to get, because apparently the only thing that’ll gain an audience is a man’s abs, but this one truly blew me away. It’s the kind of cover that doesn’t make me regret reading this book in public. But I just love the entire colour palette the designer chose and where the model was placed and how it all really ties into the story. The idea of pastels was very important to the story and to Rae’s character overall and after reading the book and seeing how much those colours mattered makes this cover that much better. The typography, the palette, everything is just gorgeous. The designer of this cover is truly the MVP.
  • I didn’t love the characters as much as I loved the ones in Four Day Fling, but I enjoyed them a lot. I really loved Rae’s entire personality and how creative she was, and how determined she was to make her business successful. It was amazing to see how she would just get hit with inspiration and all of these fantastic ideas would just flow out of her. I also really appreciated how she redesigned her shop with a fairytale theme and it satisfied my magic loving heart. But I also really liked Chase, even though he’s a bit of a bonehead, but a bonehead with a good heart. It was really dumb for him to open a shop literally right next to Rae just so she would talk to him again, but his intentions were not malicious whatsoever. I was worried that he was just going to be the worst, because of what he did, but he was actually really sweet and I admire him for not giving up on Rae. They had really good chemistry and their banter was hilarious and I enjoyed a lot about their dynamic.
  • I feel like the writing in this book was a vast improvement from Four Day Fling, which got on my nerves a bit because it wasn’t that well edited and was messy here and there, and also lacked a POV balance. But with this book, the editing was pretty good and I had no complaints, and though the POV wasn’t as equally balanced as I would’ve liked, the effort was still there and I was able to get a lot out of Chase’s mind and I really liked it. I feel like the story wouldn’t have been that great if I didn’t get a dual POV and I appreciate that Hart gave me a relatively good balance.


  • Even though I enjoyed the romance, I feel like the synopsis led me on a tiny bit. I went in thinking that it was going to be an epic enemies-to-lovers kind of thing and there’d be all of this tension between Rae and Chase, but it didn’t really happen. The dose of second chance romance was really well done, I’ll give Hart that, but I don’t like how I was led on and overall disappointed by not getting one of my favourite tropes. And then the whole “revenge” plot was a bit weak and didn’t really matter in the end.
  • I like the book but when I finished, it didn’t really feel like it was 100% satisfying and I just wanted more. The characters were good but there could’ve been more. The relationship was good but there could’ve been so much more. It just didn’t feel like a fulfilling read and it bothers me a bit. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.


  • While it’s not the most amazing book, it has a lot of qualities that make this book worth the read. There’s a lot of humour and heart, and a whole lot of ice cream that makes this book incredibly sweet. If you’re into nice and quick reads, this book is perfect for that. But you’ll be craving ice cream the entire time and it’ll never go away.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF


Title: Best Served Cold
Author: Emma Hart
Release Date: September 25, 2018
Pages: 318 (eBook)

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