Hello friends and happy Friday!

Did anyone else get hit with a bunch of snow last night? Ugh, it was insane. Anyways, I think I’ve picked a pretty cool character for our weekly lovefest. It’s a character I didn’t think I would need to know more about but one that I was glad to be wrong about. They ended up being such a lovely character and I appreciate them so much more now.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Lenora Celeste Beatrice Arabella Pembrook!


If you haven’t read the Royally series by Emma Chase, or seen my recent review of the latest book in the series, you might not know who Lenora is. The most imporant thing to know, other than she has an incredibly long name, is that she was the very first Queen of Wessco. And she is a force to be reckoned with. What I love about Lenora is that when we first meet her she’s an old grandmother to Nicholas and Henry, but getting to know her in her younger days, seeing how many different layers she has to her character, really puts everything about her into perspective. Being the first Queen of her country is just the beginning when it comes to her feminist ways. She is a true advocate for women as well as equalness between men and women. She doesn’t let the other men in Parliament dismiss her or pretend they know what’s better for both herself and Wessco; she’s not afraid to put them in her place. She’s also a very guarded person but once she lets someone into her life and into heart, she can be so kind and compassionate. I loved how Chase wrote her and while I didn’t love Lenora’s book completely, I loved getting to see her story and truly understand her. She’s too precious for words.


[“You’re gaining a reputation as cold…bitter. An ice queen, Your Majesty.”] “I’m not bitter! I’m bloody delightful.” 


Until next time,


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