Hello friends and happy Friday!

I know, I know, I’ve been very quiet this week and even missed Moodboard Monday but I’ve had one of the busiest weeks at school this week so I hope you can all forgive me. At least it’s Friday and I actually have time to partake in the weekly lovefest. The character today is one that is definitely complex and someone that took me a while to actually get to know. But they got some interesting layers to them and I think there’s so many intriguing things about them. Even though I’ve been quiet this week, I’m definitely not gonna be quiet about this character.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*



I guarantee that you have no idea which Hunter I’m referring to because there is no last name, but that’s because he doesn’t have one. That’s not my fault. So, to specify, he’s a character from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux spinoff, Obsession. So, I guess he’s technically from the Lux series as well. What’s great about Hunter is that he’s not a Luxen but an Arum and that he’s not like all the other Arums out there. I know that sounds like the typical “not like other girls” cliche but Hunter is one of the very few Arums that don’t want to see earth destroyed by the Luxen and doesn’t mind using his Arum powers for good. He actually brings a lot of depth to this universe and allows us to understand the Arum side of this war. I loved that he was able to differentiate himself from the rest of the Arum and grow out of their collective mentality. He shows how people can change and develop overtime, which I appreciate so much. He’s also the perfect example of how to mind your business since that’s what he was doing before Serena came into his life, who really did wonders for him. Because of her, Hunter was able to really humanize himself and actually give in to the emotions he was feeling. Sure, he’s a pretty dominant guy and has sarcasm and sass for days, but he’s also a pretty good guy. He’s also super into architecture and woodworking and I personally think that’s adorable. He’s probably the most complex and layered character within this universe, and he’s also an incredibly hot piece of alien ass, and I don’t think it would be the same without him.


“It wasn’t about the age-old battle of Arum versus Luxen. I wasn’t fighting to feed or to work off aggression. I wasn’t fighting because I was told or was obligated. I was fighting for Serena. She meant everything to me. Knowing that, fully understanding what that mean, I was on a motherfucking warpath.” 


Until next time,


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