Hello friends and happy Friday!

So, rumour has it that it’s the first day of Winter today but if I looked outside today, I wouldn’t be able to tell. How can I feel all Christmas-y without the snow? Ugh. Anyways, it’s time for our weekly lovefest! I was trying to find one that would fit the theme of Christmas and Winter and all that jazz but anyone I thought of I’d already done before so I didn’t want to be redunant. However, once I thought of today’s character I knew that they would be perfect. It’s actually someone I’ve been meaning to shower with love but never had the chance to get to them. Well, it’s their time to shine now. The best introduction I can give this character is that they are my type completely, so broken and layered, and is completely worth it in the end.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Callen Hayes!


I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know who this is, given that I read this book while I was on my hiatus and never properly reviewed it, buy my boy Callen here is a character from Mia Sheridan’s book More Than Words, which is a beautiful story in case you were wondering. But Callen is you typical bad boy character, living on the wrong side of town, having a horrible upbringing, is just the broodiest of all broods, and yet he has that special talent about him. For Callen, it’s composing. I kind of love the idea of a bad boy composer because it’s not something you typically think of when you come across either of those traits but it works for Callen. His story revolves around him and childhood friend Jessica Creswell, who met one night in a park and would meet up every night in an abandoned traincar for a year. But there was one night where Callen never showed up again that was the last time they saw each other until they found each other in France years later. It then follows them reconnecting and rebuilding their relationship. Along the way, you realize how broken Callen actually his, far beyond this bad boy composer persona that he’s built for himself. He was abused by his father as a child, whether it was physically or verbally, because he has a learning disability, something his father just never understood. For years, Callen refused to learn how to read or write because he had that voice of his father in the back of his mind, calling him stupid and useless. But when it came to music and seeing the notes, it opened Callen’s eyes to an entirely new world and showed how brilliant he could be. He has this tragic backstory with a dash of heart to him and it makes for that perfect bad boy character. And when you see him with Jessica, you see how sweet and gentle he is with her. She in turn never judges him for not being able to read and wants to help him, even though it’s too embarrassing for him. There is so much that I’d love to say about Callen but I think that there aren’t enough words for that. He is my perfect bad boy and one that I will always root for.


“I want to hear the passion in your voice when you talk about work. I want to take walks and sit in front of fires, and make love, and raise children, and grow old together. I want to be your prince.”


Until next time,



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