Hello friends and happy Tuesday!

Now that we’re into the new year, there’s been one thing that I’ve wanted to start talking about and featuring on my blog, something that is the other obsession that takes up most of my time: makeup! If you know me or follow me anywhere, you know how obsessed I am with makeup. If you didn’t know that, well I guess now you do. What I intend to do with this new feature is talk about some of my favourite products found in my makeup bag, ultimately featuring one product per post. It might be a high end product or a drugstore product, but it’s one that I find works for me and settles into my makeup routine quite nicely.

I just want to make a tiny disclaimer that I am in no way an expert on makeup or a makeup artist so, just like with my books reviews, all opinions are simply my own!

Let’s get to the makeup!

First of all, I think I need to show you all my makeup bag so you can get a better idea of how much makeup we’re gonna be working with. Like, it’s a lot. For a normal person, at least.

This…..is my makeup bag. As you can see, it’s gigantic and has so many things that it doesn’t even close on its own. In my defence there are a lot of palettes in there which create a lot of bulk, but there’s just a lot of makeup in there. I know it and now you all know it.

Anyways, now that that’s out of the way, on to today’s product! The first product I want to feature here is a palette that has essentially become my ride or die palette, one that I know will give me so many different looks and will last pretty much the entire day. It’s the “It’s A Princess Thing” palette from the Disney Designer Collection by Colourpop, and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Image result for disney princess palette colourpop

The mattes go on amazing, the shimmers are some of the most pigmented shades I’ve ever encountered, and together they pack quite the punch. I love the purple shades, since they make my hazel eyes pop, but the combinations with this palette are endless. It’s also a relatively inexpensive palette, especially one with 15 shades, so it’s one purchase you can justify! If you love Disney and you love makeup, you need this palette. Trust me.

Until next time,

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What’s your favourite makeup product? Leave a comment below!

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