Hello friends and happy Thursday!

It is time to dive back into my enormous makeup bag again and talk about some of my favourite products! Did you all like the last one? Do we love talking and learning about makeup? Hopefully you do because it’s a lot of fun for me. Today I’ve chosen, well, I guess technically it’s two different products based on the names and packaging, but I think they can still be counted as one since they are kind of the same products and are by the same brand. I’ve also chosen a high end product today so you might wanna check your piggybanks before reading this post.

Let’s get to the makeup!

The product(s) that I’m featuring today are the Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills, or simply put ABH, and I am constantly grabbing these palettes and using them in pretty much all of my looks. The two that I have are the Sugar Glow Kit and the Dream Glow Kit, which are kind of two different sides of the highlighting spectrum, but are both SO PRETTY.

Image result for abh sugar glow kit
Image result for abh dream glow kit

What I love about any of the ABH palettes I have is how pigmented the formula is and that even with just the slightest touch I can get so much product on my face. I was a bit wary about the Dream Glow Kit at first, since the colours are so vibrant in pan and don’t really look like your typical highlight colours, but once you put it on your face it’s like magic. They become both a subtle and blinding highlight at the same time. True witchcraft. And the Sugar Glow Kit is more of your classic highlight colours and you can blend and mix them together to create as much shine as you’d like. I personally love to mix Marshmallow and Gumdrop together, it’s so pretty and shiny.

Now, these palettes are slightly pricy but I swear they’re worth every single penny. I’ve had the Sugar Glow Kit for over a year and I’ve only hit pan on two of the shades and still have so much product left! Trust me, you will not regret these Glow Kits. Although, if you’re not into a super sparkly highlight, maybe don’t get the Dream Glow Kit, but I love the sparkle so I’m happy.

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