Hello friends and happy Friday!

Let me tell you, it has been yet another busy week for me but I am so glad to now be on Reading Week, which I intend to use for catching up on sleep and books. The TBR pile in my room is getting out of control. But that sounds like a tomorrow problem, and today we’re gonna focus on another lovely character I’ve picked! I raved about this character in my review for their book and they have been swirling around in my mind for a couple weeks now. They worried me at first but turned out to be so sweet and loving and I can’t help but love them myself.

This week’s character is…

*drum roll*

Bram Scott!


If you haven’t read Meghan Quinn’s The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister, I definitely recommend it especially if you’re in the mood for a swoon-worthy rom-com book. If you were a fan of Emma Chase’s Tangled, you’ll love this one too. But I digress. Bram Scott is the male protagonist in this book and when you first meet him, he sounds like the typical (slightly misogynistic) billionaire playboy manwhore that we’ve come to expect in NA these days. However, you learn rather quickly that Bram is actually one of the most genuine and sweetest men I’ve encountered in this genre, especially given his status and all. When I usually meet a character like Bram, they think they have all this power due to their money and treat people like dirt and are never willing to get in touch with their feelings until they meet their “one.” Bram is the complete opposite. He has not only been in touch with his feelings but he welcomes them, he understands them, and he nurtures them. He knew how he felt for Julia for almost ten years and they just kept growing and growing. But instead of being a distant jerk and threatening anyone who ever dated her, he was simply happy to be her friend until he felt they were both ready for something further. It made me love and respect Bram and it’s not every day you come across someone like him who is actually afraid of rejection. But I also love that Bram is a great friend, not just to Julia but to Rath as well, and they might have a healthier relationship than he does with Julia. That’s how comfortable and in tune he is with his feelings and emotions and even his masculinity by extension. And even though he is this billionaire CEO-type character, not once is he perceived as a jerk. He doesn’t conduct business with malice and he treats his assistant like an actual human being, like a friend, and has a good relationship there, too. Bram Scott might be a bit of an idiot at times, but he’s the most loveable and genuine idiot I’ve ever encountered and I’d like five more of him, please.


“I can see the affection in her eyes, but I know her brain is whirling, trying to understand everything. She’s very precise and well thought out in everything she does, and I think our relationship is throwing her for a loop. She’s taking it one step at a time. It’s why I’m not pressuring her or pushing her. I’m just making sure she knows how much I’m into her.”


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