Hello friends and happy Saturday!

As I mentioned last week, all future COTWs will be featured on Saturdays which, in my opinion, make Saturdays even better. So, for this week’s character, I didn’t think to do this character until I was thinking about the book they appear in. I initially wanted to do their counterpart, because I adore them, but I feel like this person is a better choice for right now. I was so excited to learn as much as I could about this character and really get to know them and I can confirm that I was satisfied 100%. They surprised me in many ways and kind of proved my first impressions wrong in the best way.

This week’s character is…

*drum roll*

Jake Connelly!


For those who don’t know, my boy Jake Connelly is the male protagonist in Elle Kennedy’s latest book to the Off Campus universe, The Risk. This is the first time that any of her characters don’t actually attend Briar but it’s one of the main factors/plot lines about this book. Jake is a Harvard boy, aka the biggest rival to Briar’s hockey team, so therefore he’s an enemy to us all. Except that he’s not and I love him. When we first meet Jake, we kind of see him through Brenna’s eyes and believe him to be the ultimate enemy, since her dad is the Briar hockey coach, and that he probably hates her as much as she hates him due to their allegiances to their respective teams. But as we get further into Jake’s mind and see what he really thinks, we learn how he’s actually the opposite of that. Sure, he likes to play along with Brenna purely to rile her up but in my opinion, he’s had a thing for her from the moment he laid eyes on her. I love that he has the type of personality that can challenge Brenna the way she needs to be but can also support her and be someone for her to lean on. Jake had a lot of development in his book and I loved how we saw him go from this selfish guy who only had hockey on his mind and literally made rules for a teammate of his that he couldn’t see Brenna and gradually evolved into a more selfless person, and ultimately a protective person of Brenna, and you can see how much influence she had on him. There’s a part where she has a friend who’s in trouble and he goes with her, when she didn’t even ask him to, but did it because he felt Brenna needed his help and needed him with her. It’s interesting to initially think of Jake as this cocky, selfish hockey superstar but then quickly learn that he’s more than that, and maybe part of that persona is because his parents potentially put that on his shoulders, even though they have no interest in the sport at all. I feel like Jake isn’t given enough credit. He’s not the enemy we expected him to be but he’s an incredibly caring guy who will be there for you, and who will listen to you without judgement, no questions asked. If I didn’t love Dean DiLaurentis so much, Jake Connelly would be my number one Off Campus guy. He’s just a dreamboat.


“If you want me to beg, I’ll beg. If you want me to jump through hoops, bring them on. I’ll spend every waking hour until I have to report to training camp proving to you how much you mean to me. Proving that I’m worthy of you.”


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