Love is an immortal bad girl.

With a strike of her arrow and a smirk on her face, she pins human hearts together. 

Yet Love has never loved. Not until she collides with a mortal whose existence threatens everything she stands for.

The longer they’re entangled, the more Love wishes she could touch him. In gentle ways.

In other tempting and reckless ways, too.

But it’s impossible. She isn’t a part of his world. She’s a mischievous goddess who’s destined to be alone.

And he’s destined for someone else.

And it’s Love’s duty to make sure that happens—at the tip of her own weapon.

I don’t think this book has had a lot of hype around it, or at least right now in this time but that makes sense since it was released a few years ago. But when you think of NA, when you think of paranormal romances, Natalia Jaster’s name is not one I typically hear. But it’s gonna be a name that comes out of my mouth from now on because this book was so, so good. It was the perfect kind of book that I would use to explain the NA genre to others: on one hand you have the typical kind of characters and plot that would fit into YA but the romance is what pushes it into NA. It was the perfect type of book for me and that’s what matters. I honestly did not expect this book to effect me or fill me with so many emotions but it did. I still can’t believe this was Natalia Jaster’s first book because it didn’t feel like it. Damn.


  • I think what really drew me to this book was that it seemed to be based around this new idea of mythology, of how there are these gods and goddesses that control our emotions or are responsible for all the things that we’re feeling. It goes beyond your typical idea of mythology with the Greek gods or the Egyptian gods, who are more responsible for ideas and ways of life but these new gods that Jaster created all have emotional purposes. Love is tasked with bringing couples who are fated together, Anger can either create or diffuse someone’s anger, Wonder can provide that spark of belief and wonder in someone, and so on. I kind of like when I read stories that are based around emotions and feeling like this and it kind of makes you think about what these feelings actually mean. Was that Jaster’s goal? I’m not sure but it’s what I’m gonna believe it is. I liked the problem that came up with what Love was doing, of how the idea of love should be about free will and going through the choice of happiness or heartbreak and keep trying until you get it right as opposed to having all that taken away by getting shot with her arrow. And I also like how Love came to that realization that maybe when you love someone, you need all of the emotions and not just love. 
  • I absolutely adored Love and Andrew, both as characters and as a romance. I really loved how Love went around the human world and caused little bits of havoc here and there because it was entertaining to her and as long as she wasn’t hurting anyone with her tricks it was fine. But I loved how she kind of had that badass edge to her because she was an immortal goddess but when she met Andrew we got to see how she had a vulnerable side to her. And we also got to see how she doesn’t entirely know how to process her emotions, which I thought was really good for her character. Now, Andrew was just a sweetheart and I loved how the reason he could see Love was because he was a selfless human being. Hearing all the stories and just seeing how he was with different people really showed off that selfless part of his personality and character and I loved it. It seemed like life kind of handed him a shitty hand but he still remained this selfless human being with a good soul and I loved that this was the person that Love chose to fall in love with. They were a good match, regardless of what the stars said.
  • I really enjoyed how the way that Love would become a mortal was if she loved Andrew and if he loved her back, which kind of meant that whatever they felt was real enough to do so. Usually, if characters fall in love in like, a week, I’m mad but I think with the seriousness of the outcome it was ok with me. And the moment when the love became real was executed perfectly. It reminded me of a text post I saw once on Tumblr about Beauty and the Beast, of how if Belle realized her love just one day out of the blue and all of a sudden everyone changed back and she was just sitting there confused. This was like that. It happened in a mundane moment and it didn’t matter that it wasn’t said out loud between them. She changed anyways. And they were so cute when they realized they could touch and more and I loved seeing them discover everything together. They were so cute and the romance made me believe they were worth it. The ending kind of broke my heart in a way, seeing how Love had lost everything she ever knew but also began to discover a new way to live, but she would never be alone because she had Andrew with her. 


  • I don’t really have anything concrete to complain about! The writing was fantastic and the characters were pretty spectacular so it’s hard for me to actually come up with a bad point. I guess on some level this romance can come off as being a bit insta-lovey for some people but I still feel like it was right for the story and the meaning.


  • I just adored this book so much. It had a nice paranormal fantasy base, great characters that had a romance that was worth it, and the writing was so incredibly beautiful that I didn’t know what to do with myself sometimes. I see that Jaster intends to continue this series and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store. I would love to read anything else by her in the future. If the rest of her books are as good as this one then I’m in good hands.

BONUS: how this book made me feel in a GIF

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Title: Touch (Selfish Myths #1)
Author: Natalia Jaster
Release Date: October 27, 2014
Pages: 291 (eBook)

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