My Year In Books: 2020 Edition

Phew. 2020, am I right?

We can all agree that this year sucked and was terrible, no good, and very bad. But we somehow made it to the end, which is wild in itself because I could’ve sworn that last week was still March.

And while we’ve all, as a collective unit, had a bad year, at least we had many books to comfort us and provide us with beyond necessary escapism. I’m sure a lot of you did better on your Reading Challenge than expected. I know I surpassed my own, but I also did a fair bit of rereading. Hey, reading is reading.

To wrap up this monstrosity of a year, I present to you my year in books. This year has been so long that there are some on this list that I absolutely forgot that I read in 2020, but all read books will be organized into four categories: the best, the good, the mediocre, and the bad. As we know, I don’t give out too many 5 star ratings so expect a lot of good and mediocre than anything.

The Best

The Good

The Mediocre

The BAd

The Rereads

I have no idea what this next year will bring but I am choosing to be cautiously optimistic that we’ll move in a slightly more positive direction. Let’s not get too crazy and put all our expectations on 2021 because we all know how that worked out with 2020.

All I’m hoping for is slightly better books for 2021. I can’t deal with any more bad and mediocre books.

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