Beauty Products I’m Currently Obsessed With

It’s time to interrupt our typical book content for a very important announcement: I love makeup.

This isn’t so much of a secret since anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with makeup and discovering the endless entity of beauty products. But with the ongoing pandemic, it’s been both hard and a bit unnecessary to keep up with a makeup routine when you’re just stuck at home all the time, and on the off chance you do go out, your face is obstructed with a mask. (Also, PSA, please continue to wear your masks. Thank you.)

Over the past year, I’ve been ditching the super heavy, full face of makeup for more subtler looks, not quite going for no makeup-makeup, but enough to still make me feel like me, you know? And I’ve found a lot of cool products that achieve just that.

So if you’re in the need of new products, or are looking for ideas to change up your routine, this post is for you.

Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

35XO NATURAL FLIRT ARTISTRY PALETTE - Morphe – La bella skin and health care

I received this palette for Christmas and I’ve been using it nonstop. The array of pigmented warm, berry tones all compliment each other in so many different ways and you can take your eyeshadow from a subtle sweeping look to a dark, intense smokey eye in an instant. My eyes are hazel and I feel like this palette really highlights them and makes them pop like crazy. So many different choices, so many ways to achieve an every day look. Unfortunately, this product is no longer available at Sephora but this palette can be a good substitute.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ Brynn Component: Vegan mascara Cruelty-free mascara Mascara for sensitive eyes Tubing Mascara

This mascara is insane. Like, insane. I’m a smidge picky when it comes to mascara, wanting length and for it not to be flakey at the end of the day, and this gives me exactly what I want. I’ve never had a mascara with this type of short bristle wand that gives me basically double the length of my natural lash. It doesn’t flake, doesn’t feel heavy, and is perfect for every day use. You will not regret getting this mascara; it’s worth every penny.

Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer 04 Butter Cream 0.13 oz/ 3.8 mL Sephora Quality, Way-Nice Price Sephora Quality Way-Nice Price

Concealers are tricky for me, not only because my under eyes are relatively dry, but I feel like my glasses constantly wear away any type of product I wear around them, but this one from Sephora is pretty solid. It has good coverage and you don’t need a whole lot of product to get the job done. And compared to other concealers from high end companies, this is very affordable. There are a ton of different shades to choose from and it can quickly become a go-to product.

Milk Cooling Water Eye Patches

MILK MAKEUP - Cooling Water Eye Patches 6 pairs Clean at Sephora

I recently purchased these under eye mask patches and I’m pretty happy with them. Milk has a lot of interesting products, and I do enjoy their Kush Mascara as well, but these patches are great because they stay put. Sure, the healing properties are great and make my under eyes feel much better afterwards, but I personally like them because I can put them on, not worry about them falling off my face, and still wear my glasses! If that’s not a victory then I don’t know what is. They might seem a bit pricy but you get six pairs so it’s not super terrible, if you think about it.

Colour Pop Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eyeshadow Palette

Pretty Guardian

Another eyeshadow palette I’m obsessed with, not just because it’s a Sailor Moon collab, but because Colourpop is such a solid company. Every palette I’ve gotten from them is insanely pigmented and this is no different. Again, like the Morphe palette, I love this one because it’s good for the every day subtle eye look and can also be jazzed up for a more full face look. These are colours that work for my eyes and have a lot of room to play with, and definitely compliment each other. If you don’t want to splurge on a bigger palette, this is an amazing and affordable option. Also, it’s Sailor freaking Moon! Come on!

Thrive Causemetics Triple Threat Color Stick

Triple Threat Color Stick Rose Shimmer - Vegan Hydrating Cream Color Stick for lips, face and body

I’ve never really been a blush girl, but this product changes that completely. When you first get this colour stick, you might think that you paid too much for so little product. But then you realize that a little product goes a long, long way. This is becoming such a staple in my every day routine because not only does it do a great job of getting colour in my cheeks but it stays put practically all day. This blush does not budge. And all it takes is a few dabs of your fingertips and you’re set. Whether you put it over foundation or just on your skin, it is a complete game changer. I’ve yet to use it as a lip colour but I’m sure it’s fantastic.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-In-1 Skin Perfector | Ulta Beauty

Honestly, I just like this product because it’s so much easier (and probably better) than wearing foundation every day when you really don’t need to. It’s just enough pigment to help with redness and slight imperfections and has a lot of good benefits for your skin, too. It’s a great foundation alternative, and super cheap, and can be found at any drugstore.

Batiste Dry Shampoo


I’ve been incredibly picky with dry shampoo in the past, never quite finding one that felt good and made my hair look good, but this one from Batiste does the job exactly how I want it to. My roots can get incredibly oily in between washes and this spray helps to eliminate that almost instantaneously without feeling oily or heavy itself. A lot of other dry shampoos I’ve tried might have made my hair look better but I could still feel the effects of my unwashed hair and the product trying to cover it up. But this one makes it look and feel fresh and I can’t imagine using any other for the rest of my life. Again, this can be found in any drugstore of your choosing.

What beauty product have you been loving lately? Did I miss your favourite brand? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I am in no way a beauty expert and while these products might work for me, they might not necessarily work for you.

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