This Library of Mine is a book blog, but it’s also not a book blog.

What I set out to do when I created this site was yes, to talk about all the books I love (and those I didn’t love so much) and write reviews for them, but I also want to do more than just be a book reviewing blog. I want to talk about everything that I know about books, specifically the Young Adult and New Adult market. I want to dive deep into why this genre is important to readers everywhere, to use my knowledge of publishing and build on it. I want to write about the authors that changed my life and why, the books that deserve second chances, the meaning behind characters, and more. I want this to be a blog where I can do my favourite in this world but not be restricted by guidelines or prompts or be another face in the book blogging-sphere. I want my blog to matter both for myself and for readers.

On This Library of Mine, you will find book reviews, the occasional listicle, information about new monthly releases, various opinion pieces on a multitude of topics about Young Adult fiction, as well as some New Adult fiction, and so much more.

The author and creator of This Library of Mine lives outside of Toronto, ON, and has both a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a graduate certificate in Book & Magazine Publishing. In addition to being an avid bookworm, she is a Disney enthusiast, a makeup addict, and a suffering baseball fan.